Mobile App: GradReadKeeper

Date: Fall 2016 GradReadKeeper is the culmination of my work in Edtech 534, Mobile App Development. In this class, I created nine mobile applications using MIT App Inventor 2 (AI2) and the AI2 tutorials/textbook. The final project was a full application of my own design. For my final app, I brainstormed ideas based off of … Continue reading Mobile App: GradReadKeeper

Mobile App: QuixoticKeeper

Date: Spring 2016 Quixotic Keeper, and impractical library, was my first full app and was created as part of an assignment for English 521, Trends in Technical Communication. I created this app using MIT App Inventor 2 (AI2). The app functions as a simple list, intended for keeping track of the user’s personal library. The … Continue reading Mobile App: QuixoticKeeper