Mobile App: GradReadKeeper

Date: Fall 2016

Tools used:

  • MIT App Inventor 2

GradReadKeeper is the culmination of my work in Edtech 534, Mobile App Development. In this class, I created nine mobile applications using MIT App Inventor 2 (AI2) and the AI2 tutorials/textbook. The final project was a full application of my own design.

For my final app, I brainstormed ideas based off of my first app, QuixoticKeeper. I wanted to create a more polished, user-friendly, and refined application.

GradReadKeeper allows the user to utilize three different lists:

  • Required reading
  • Recommended reading
  • Reading for fun

The app has four screens, including the home screen and a screen for each book list. From the home screen, the user can use a barcode scanner on their smartphone to scan a book and capture the ISBN number. After capturing the ISBN number, the user can search Google using that data.

Download GradReadKeeper to your device by scanning the QR code below.


Demo Video

I created two videos that demonstrate how to use the barcode scanner and list features of this app. You can view the videos at the links below:

Barcode scanner demonstration video

List feature demonstration video


ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4

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