Hi, I’m Rachael – a writer, editor, consultant, lifelong learner, and communication nerd. Some of my my areas of focus include:

  • Rachael RenkWeb and mobile app development
  • UX research and design
  • Content development and production
  • Technical writing and editing
  • Social media management

In short, my interests cover a really wide range of topics. It’s difficult to point to any one practice and call that my favorite. I want to learn it all and practice new things every day.

I’m driven to create meaningful work by the things I care about most: humans, new technology, communication, and the intersection of these three things.

I have both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Technical Communication from Boise State University, adding up to over six years of dedicated intersectional studies. Through the Master of Arts, Technical Communication (MATC) program, I was able to take advantage of opportunities outside of academics that gave me additional hands-on experience with specialties that I care about deeply, such as usability, social media, and public speaking.

Previously, I worked as a technical writer/information developer at Aquent Studios, which included writing, editing, and managing user and service content for commercial HP products. After several years in that role, I decided to make a career change. For 13 months, I focused on instructional design as a corporate trainer before transitioning into my current position as a proposal writer and bid coordinator.

During my down time, I dabble in photography, produce mediocre arts and crafts, have way too many houseplants, run long distances quite slowly, and dream of one day becoming a certified Cicerone.

 Want to connect?

You can visit me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

I write and publish essays, articles, and research on Medium.


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